Live Blackjack by Evolution Gaming at GemBet

Live Blackjack same as the traditional Blackjack developed by Evolution Gaming, a provider that has been in the industry for a while. Blackjack one of the oldest casino games, despite the origins are still under debate, it is believed that originated in the French casinos somewhere around 1700.

Many people played this game but those who didn’t and want to get introduced to the game already heard that the concept of the game is quite simple. The player receives two cards from the dealer. Players goal is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over. If the player’s combination beat the dealer’s combination, then the player’s winnings double the wager he placed before he gets the cards.

Evolution Gaming’s Live Blackjack is close to the standard of the industry gets. Many providers have their own version, but only few match the quality and the fun this Evolution software provides.

How To Play

When joining the table, player needs to take one of the seven seats available. If none available then player can choose to bet behind one of the active players. Player can also occupy several seats if available.
Before the start of the game, player set a wager before the previously set time limit. This is done by clicking on one of the five buttons. Player can only wager on side bets if the main bet is placed first. Every player hand receives two cards, and a option to choose his next step. Hit, Stand, Double Down or Split. The dealer also deals himself two cards and only one card is visible to the player.
Hitting means the dealer will give the player another card while standing means that the player is satisfied with the combination and don’t want more cards.
Doubling Down can be played on any initial two cards and for both Splits and Doubles an additional wager is required.
After deciding for all hands by the player, the round goes on and the dealer will reveal the hidden second card and if the face down card is below seventeen, dealer keeps drawing. If either of the player or dealer goes above 21, they lose the round. Otherwise the one that is closest to 21 wins the round. However the other players on the table do not impact on this battle as it is between the house and every player individually.

 Betting options and payouts

Players can place any wager with a value between $1 and $1000 with each hand. Evolution Gaming offers a new way of insurance bets. All winning hands are paid at 1:1 while getting Blackjack is rewarded with 3:2 win. All the insurance bets grant a 2:1 payout. Prize for the insurance bets are much worse than the prize it offers.

Evolution Gaming’s Live Blackjack also gives an option to players to take side bets. These side bets include 21+3, Hot 3, Any Pair and Bust It. With this side bets players can win up to 250:1 a way much bigger win than the standard and usual wins Blackjack offers.

Pros and Cons


  • Great streaming quality
  • Low house edge
  • Side bets


  • None

Our verdict for Evolution Gaming Blackjack

This is a pure winning. Game is released back in 2009 but it was improving during the years and perhaps this is one of the most actively played titles in every single live casino Evolution Gaming is present. Game is available on desktop and mobile and is definitely worth trying as it provides classy and social experience similar to the floors of real-life casinos.

Our Final Verdict

    • Blackjack 100%