Live Cash Or Crash by Evolution Gaming at GemBet

Evolution Gaming as one of the best casino providers during the year proved themselves one more time. Developing a game as Cash or Crash was something that not just met the expectations but expectations went way higher than expected. This brand new game with a fun design and high RTP that even blackjack sees it as a rival, quickly became players favorite. Easy to play, with no distractions, no side bets it is only based on player’s knowledge how to climb up and back out when needed. Going all the way to the top player can earn 50,000 of the total wager made before the start.

How To Play

Live Cash Or Crash is a simple, exciting, fun and easy to understand game. For this game a ball drawing machine is used to meet the actual game play. The game has green, red and golden balls available. Each spin a single ball is drawn and its color decides the future of the round.
Once the green ball is drawn players need to decide the next step. The options for the players are the following:

  • Continue – so players risk the whole wager for bigger rewards;
  • Take Half – so the players can take 50% of the winnings and continue playing;
  • Take All – so the player can take all of the winnings and finish the round.

The round keeps going if you keep playing Continue or Take Half, until the red ball is drawn. If a golden ball draws then players move up a step in the paytable while the potential winnings increase. With golden ball players also receive a shield that gives them a one-time protection when a red ball appears.
Finally, the round ends when a red ball appears and players have no gold “shield” ball for protection.
To help the players making decisions after every ball is drawn, a pair of blimps next to the payable appear. With this appearance it is shown the chance of getting a ball that continues the play (green or gold), or a ball that ends the round (red).
To play Cash or Crash Live, players have to wager at least $0.10 while the maximum bet is limited to $1000. A supported betting range may change depending on casino as somewhere wagers can start from $0.20 up to $20.000. The decision time for placing wagers is 10 seconds.

 Betting options and payouts

Unlike other casino games, or most of them, the winnings here depend on how players perform. If players continue on every round, they then stand to win much more. Those who Take Half all of the time lower the winnings for 50% then the original ones. However, playing continue all the time put the players to a larger risk to lose everything when a red ball is drawn.

The top prize of the game is up to 50.000x players stake which only may happen if players get the golden ball and continue the ladder.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy and exiting game to play
  • Very high RTP if played with good strategy
  • Strategically oriented game and fun


  • Short decision time (10sec)

Our verdict for Evolution Gaming Cash or Crash

Sometimes even the simplest games can be very fun, and you can spend hours playing there. This is a game that was developed by Evolution Gaming which by default it is innovative game with all important features. After going live on some of the casinos in September of 2021, for a short time it made immediate impact. Cash or Crash brought all the attention and this is a highly enjoyable and recommended. The game is unique and full of adrenaline, while yet it is really simple and can bring great winnings. A clear winner, either for beginners or experienced players. We highly recommend it.

Our Final Verdict

    • Cash or Crash100%