Live Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming at GemBet

Evolution Gaming’s Crazy Time is another pioneer of this manufacturer that made a huge impact immediately. This is another unique game that holds a mouthwatering jackpots and awesome visuals.

Live Crazy Time is a hybrid of roulette and a wheel of fortune and at a same time happens to be a live casino game. This doubles the thrills it already carries. This is a game that holds a good RTP and with some skills and decisions, players can improve the chances of winning to a high level.

We will guide you through most of the players would need to know for starting to play on this game.

How To Play

Crazy Time is a live casino game show. A Dream Catcher-style money wheel with a total of 54 segments that has money prizes from 1x up to 10x. In addition to this there are as well 4 bonus rounds named as Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachiko and Crazy Time.

The wheel is mostly made up of number positions. There are 8 different bets to choose from. Firstly players need to choose the amount they want to play with. The 8 bets are divided between the segments. There are a lot of number 1 (blue) segments, then number 2 (yellow) segments, while number 5 (pink) and number 10 (purple) appear less times on the wheel. There is only one segment with Crazy Time.

Betting works in the following way: Place bets on the numbers, and if it land on the wheel, receive it as a prize. If as an example, player bet on 10x then, Crazy Time would award a 10x cash prize if the wheel draws the number.

Important to know is that if players haven’t placed a wager on one of the bonuses, and a bonus land on the wheel, players will not be able to play it. Every sixth spin there is a bonus round which increases the winnings potential.

Speaking about the bonuses here is a short preview for every bonus you can get on the wheel.

Cash Hunt – With this bonus players see a screen full of multipliers. Then multipliers transform in colorful symbols. Symbols move and stop randomly and every player selects his own target. When countdown begins, players aim the chosen symbol on the screen and “shoot with a cannon”. The multiplier behind the symbol multiplies the wager.

Pachiko – This is a bonus game that features large wall with a 16 drop zones at the top and 16 random multipliers in the landing zone. All landing zones are given a random multipliers or a double value. Then a puck is dropped from zones 4-12. Depending on where the puck lands, it will either multiply or double the multipliers. The Pachiko bonus can go up to 500x and with the multipliers it can go up to 100.000x your bet.

Coin Flip - This is a basic bonus. There is a coin with thow different sides, a blue and a red one. Each one have a multiplier value assigned. A machine flips the coin and player win the multiplier to that color.

Crazy Time –This is the name of the game but a name of a massive bonus as well. Crazy time holds four different virtual wheels with “Double” and even “Triple” segments. Other offer higher multipliers. It works with choosing a flapper green, blue or yellow. The presenter starts the wheel. When it stops the flapper stand at three different segments.  The wheel can be re-spun until the multipliers reach maximum at 20.000x multiplier. Best case scenario, this bonus can bring up to 160.000x to the wager. 

 Betting options and payouts

This is a game in which the key is to play the special features. As we mentioned previously the awards on this games can be incredible high. However the developers limited the bonuses to up to $500.000. All the numbers have a different payouts, odds and probability. Number 1 holds 21 segments on the wheel. Number 2, 13 segments, Number 5 is present with 7 segments and Number 10 has 4 segments. All of the numbers have a different RTP but overall this is a game with high TRP (around 96%).

Pros and Cons


  • Unique game
  • High jackpots
  • Great visuals


  • Highly addictive game
  • High volatility

Our verdict for Evolution Gaming Crazy Time

As a live entertainment game this newbie brought the players blown away. Launched in July 2020, it is one of the most successful games in the online gambling so far. This game holds excitement but at the same time can be very frustrating. We highly recommend trying this game but we also warn the players to play carefully and responsively.

Our Final Verdict

    • Crazy Time100%