Live Dragon Tiger by Evolution Gaming at GemBet

Many players are familiar with baccarat. It quickly spread all across the casinos becoming one of the most popular live dealer games present at every casino.  Live Dragon Tiger by Evolution Gaming brings simplicity of the classic baccarat game and gives a plenty of options.

Despite being as straight forward game as it is, Evolution added a new edge introduction of Suited Tie side bets. There is a video quality that can be adjusted from low, medium high and up to HD.

Dragon Tiger story completes the “Baccarat” style games that Evolution Gaming offers to the players.

How To Play

This is quite a simple game with two cards dealt. One of the cards goes to the Dragon while the other One goes for the Tiger. Players wager on which position will have the higher card. A countdown starts and players have 14 seconds to place the wagers. Down in the middle of the screen players choose the chips (amount) they want to play with. When the choice is decided and wagers placed before the countdown time expires, the round starts. The dealer uses a dealing shoe with 8 decks and it is changed when one deck is left.

Kings are the highest cards, while the Aces are lowest.

 Betting options and payouts

The real interest for the players is in the side bets. There are two possible side bets:

  • A Tie Bet – This is won when both cards are the same and it wins huge. Still there are fewer chances for this to happen.
  • A Suited Tie Bet – Pays when the cards are in a same suit and have same value.

The Tie Bet pays 11:1 while the Suited Tie Bet pays a whopping 50:1. All other regular bets pay even money 1:1.

Game rounds are very quick at 25 seconds each. There are 3 possible RTPs for this game and they vary depending on the wagers placed. The main wagers have 96.72% RTP, the Tie Bets have 89.64% RTP while the Suited Ties have an RTP of 86.02%.

There is a complete Roadmap same as Baccarat Roadmaps for tracking the history of the shoe.

Pros and Cons


  • Great user interface
  • Options to adjust the video quality based on players needs
  • Simple to play and enjoyable in the same time
  • Great side bets multipliers


  • None

Our verdict for Evolution Gaming Dragon Tiger

As previously mentioned this is a simple game to play, but that is not making the game any less enjoyable. The presentation of the table, the superbly trained dealers and great studio visuals and surroundings make this game very popular around the casinos. The main players as well as for some other games come from East Asia. That is not an issue because Evolution Gaming developed Dragon Tiger to be reachable to any player that wants to experience the atmosphere of the real Asian casinos. And experiencing this game feels the same as it is being played in a real casino somewhere in Asia.

Highly recommended game as Evolution has excelled itself one more time. Developing this game is a clear high five.

Our Final Verdict

    • Dragon Tiger100%