Live Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt by Evolution Gaming at GemBet

Evolution Gaming, proven as a leading developer of live dealer games, back in June, 2021 announced the launch of the new live Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt game show. This as well wouldn’t be such news as they launch games on a regular basis. Still what makes this a “big deal” is that this is the World’s first online game using a Virtual Reality technology.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is also the first ever live game combination of live and online slot-style of gameplay allowing the players to play a game in Virtual Reality mode. The game makes a new direction and is a pioneer of this type of content.

The optimal RTP for the game is up to 96.56% and in additional players are available to win up to 20.000x by prize drops, bonuses, multipliers.

How To Play

This revolutionary game starts as all others do. The players are setting their wagers. There are six available stone bets and players decide how many coins they wager on the stones. Also the other options for the bets are how many picks the players buy. Each of the stones has different payout value starting from 1x and up to 65x for the highest valued stone. Point is simple. The more valuable the stone is, the less possible to appear it is.

Regarding the picks players can buy up to twenty per turn. Each pick lets the player select one stone positioned on the wall. The wall is shuffled and the stone’s values are concealed. Right after this the treasure hunt time is on. Gonzo turns the key to start the Prize Drop during which prizes drop and increase the values on the stones.

During the Prize Drop, the prizes at the top of the wall appear. Bonus Prizes add to the value of the hidden stones and a multiplier multiply all bonus values by the amount shown. The additional Re-Drop symbol also triggers a new Prize Drop.

The wall reveals the winning stones and players win if wagered on those before the round start. The winning bets are multiplied by the winning stone’s final value.

 Betting options and payouts

The Prize Drop segment is increasing the player’s payouts. Without it the stones always pay the exact same amount depending on the color of the stone. As previously mentioned every matching stone is a winning one. Each of the stones color and the payouts for it are listed below :

  • Brown stones pay 1x
  • Orange stones pay 2x
  • Purple stones pay 4x
  • Green stones pay 8x
  • Blue stones pay 20x
  • Red stones pay 65x

The real deal for the game are the bonus prizes and the multipliers that payout for each individual stone up to 20.000x.

Pros and Cons


  • Unique gameplay
  • High level bonuses and multipliers up to 20.000x


  • Most of the time only minor boosts appear as a reward

Our verdict for Evolution Gaming Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

Hats down to Evolution Gaming for inventing the new era of the live gaming. This high technology game with all treasures uncovered makes the game incredible. For all players that are high exciting games Hunters same as Gonzo, this is a game that mustn’t be missed.

Our Final Verdict

    • Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt 100%