Live Roulette by Evolution Gaming at GemBet

Perhaps one of the oldest and most exciting games casinos ever could imagine. Also called the Devil’s game the king of the casino games- Roulette. This classic game is believed it is invented by Blaise Pascal back in the 17th century. While trying to invent a motion machine, the French scientist could have never imagined that he will invent the most popular casino game ever.

During the years many new versions of the game were invented. However a classic is a classic and this version appears to be the most popular and most played. We are here to introduce you the classic and timeless Roulette version of Evolution Gaming.

How To Play

The standard spinning wheel holds the usual 37 pockets. All the numbers starting from 0 to 36 are included on the wheel. Number 0 has a green pocket only while all other numbers from 1 to 36 are split into red and black pockets. There are 18 red and 18 black pockets which mean all numbers except the zero are split evenly.  Point of the game is simple. Players wager in which pocket will the ball land.

Bets can be made via a betting table and can cover and round the desired numbers via many different options as straight-up, street, corner split, and line. There are also other bets named outside bets in which players can wager not a specific number but a group of numbers. The available options here are column, red/black, odds/ even, dozen, and high/low. The well known neighbor wagers are also popular and useful to the players in which four French terms are used for selecting a group of numbers that are on specific locations around the wheel. Tiers de Cylindre, Orphelins, JeuZero and Voisins du Zero. 

There is as well a countdown timer that informs the players how much they have left for placing wagers. Roulette is a massive strategy game as well in which players during the years have been inventing lots of tactics and strategies to beat the wheel.

 Betting options and payouts

What we explained in the game is the basic and pretty much everything new players need to know. Evolution Gaming wouldn’t be Evolution Gaming if they don’t add extra features in favor of the players. Since this game takes a lot thinking and strategy before the bets are placed, players need more time and additional helpful tools. This is what Evolution Gaming delivered. Playing this game, players have options to save favorite or previous bets through an option save to favorites. Autoplay button and statistics pages are as well kept for the players so they can see the previous round winning numbers.

As this game is simple to understand, that simple is to understand how the payouts work. A straight bet to any of the numbers brings the players 35:1 win if won. As we go next, 17:1 for a split, 11:1 to a street, 8:1 for corner and 5:1 for a line. When we speak about the outside bets, there are 2:1 pays for column and dozen, and for all other (red/black, even/ odd, high/low) the return is 1:1. Overall this game holds a 97.30% RTP.

Pros and Cons


  • High quality video stream makes you feel like playing in crowded real casino
  • Live chat
  • Well behaved dealers


  • None

Our verdict for Evolution Gaming Roulette

This is a great game and the players will recognize the joy and excitement that it brings. The old good roulette is not as fancy and cinematic like other versions of it but still this is a perfect place for the real roulette fans.

Our Final Verdict

    • Roulette90%