Live Super Sic Bo by Evolution Gaming at GemBet

Sic Bo is an Asian dice game where the players wager the possible outcome of three dice rolls. Evolution Gaming have done a great job once again as their invention of their own Sic Bo version, named the Super Sic Bo appears as a best table choice in its category . Super Sic Bo is a live dealer Sic Bo game released in 2016. As this is updated version of already a traditional game, Evolution Gaming’s game developers just added some multipliers. This worked just fine as the players have widely accepted the game. The reason for this is because the game is now more fun and a lot more profitable.

How To Play

Super Sic Bo is hosted by real-life dealers. The game starts with players placing their wagers on one or more betting options on the table layout. The point of the game is to predict the outcome of three dice rolls and this is how a round looks like. While comfortably seated at home, players are required to predict the outcome of the shake of the 3 dice to receive the payout. To begin the players can set the wager amount between $0.20 and $2500. After a limited betting period elapses, the dice are shaken. With a good camera zoom focused on the made of glass dice shaker, the outcome of the three dice appears. Before the dice outcome, from zero to several multipliers appear randomly to some of the possible outcomes. When a wager placed on the spot with applied multiplier, the won bet is multiplied.

This is some of the bets that are popular:

  • Doubles (any or specific)
  • Triples (any or specific)
  • Odd or Even total
  • High Total (11-17)
  • Low Total (3-11)
  • Individual Numbers
  • Pairs of Numbers

 Betting options and payouts

With Super Sic Bo, your objective is to predict the outcome of the roll of three dice. This is the same as it is in regular Sic Bo, and this is what we already said.

However, with Super Sic Bo, there are some twists that could help you along. Evolution Gaming has spiced up this classic game by adding a random multiplier feature. Basically, there will be random multipliers attached to several betting spots starting from zero. And when placing a bet, on one of the highlighted spots and it wins, the player receives a multiplier payout. These multipliers can go as high as 1000 times the player’s stake.

Evolution Super Sic Bo is a game in which multipliers are funded by reduction in payouts on the base game.

The best position for the highest Multiplier that brings a win up to 999x is the Specific Triple Bet. For reaching this bet, player should wager on it on every round. The pros in this bet is that players don’t need to bet much to win big.

Other good positions on the Super Sic Bo betting table for the multipliers are Total Bet -4 or 17 that pays starting from 50:1 up to 499:1. Total Bet -5 to 16 paying from 20:1 up to 249:1.

Pros and Cons


  • User friendly interface and well designed live studio
  • Can be played on every possible device
  • Presenter has important role in the game


  • Can be addictive
  • The glass dice shaker is to loud

Our verdict for Evolution Gaming Super Sic Bo

A one to try as a traditional game is converted to super exciting and high winning game. This traditional game invented in China, is also spread around the USA casinos. It went very popular in the states since a Chinese people introduced the Americans to it. The visual effects are also impressive and the live presenters are super friendly. Definitely highly recommended.

Our Final Verdict

    • Super Sic Bo 80%